Diggy dating anyone

23-Jul-2017 13:12

But this always makes me envision a bunch of red flags flying in my face. #R F Before dinner, Rachel calls NBC circa 1998 to see if she can borrow Rachel Green’s dress. Okay, maybe not that last part, but his hand was in his pocket. SECOND GROUP DATE “Swish” Will Jamey Diggy Alex Adam Lee Matt Eric Josiah De Mario HOOP, there it is! The guys will be competing in an actual basketball game against each other, in front of a live audience. It’s a shame he didn’t whip them out again for this nonsense. Afterwards, she participates in some bleacher choreography. All the children swarm Rachel after the game so they can take selfies with her. Lexie watched and was completely surprised to see her boyfriend of seven months vying for the heart of the new bachelorette. He just ghosted her one day and it was all she could do to convince producers to let her on the show so she could watch him squirm. I have a paper trail that can prove it.” Rachel: “How did you cut it off? I don’t know her, but I don’t know you for that matter. ” Lexie: “Pictures of my cats and a slew of text messages from this cheater!

Most of the guys are pumped that their inaugural group date is a friendly game of basketball. He coaches them through a few drills, laughing as balls fly anywhere but inside a basket. Who cares that the game is technically being played during Agoura Hills High School’s pep rally? Thank goodness the cheerleaders were spontaneous enough to whip out a few banners for the gymnasium walls. Her lack of attention proves the game was that bad. He turns into Teen Wolf and starts stealing balls, making baskets, and dunking for fun. Except one small, waifish person in a flesh-covered-I-would-be-willing-to-bet-crotch-snap-body-suit. It’s an added bonus if she gets to scratch his eyes out with her talon fingernails. ” De Mario: “We were on again, off again.” Rachel: “Objection. ” De Mario: “We had sexual intercourse, but that was a long time ago.” Rachel: “According to Lexie’s phone, you wrote ‘Good-night Babe.’ What’s that about?

They are also pumped that they get to see Rachel in spandex and what appears to be a see-through sports bra. Also, did she vow to stop eating carbs until she confronted her ex-lover? Rachel calmly collects De Mario from the locker room. His face turns to shock as he starts to say, “Heeyyyyyy! Non-responsive.” De Mario: “I ended it in person.” Lexie: “I SWEAR ON MY FATHER’S GRAVE AND MY TWO KITTENS THAT HE IS LYING! ” De Mario: “I did not have sexual relations with that girl.

A kicky bandana around her head completes the ensemble. Everyone assumes he’s getting the date rose for dunking the ball. ” before it automatically morphed into an alarming, “Who is this? ” De Mario: “I met her many times ago.” Rachel: “Is that like many moons ago? ” The ABC Intern rushes over to show De Mario that he is contractually obligated to live his life on camera, 24/7, even if he is currently being burned on national television. ” Rachel: “Did you cut off all communication.” De Mario: “Some.” Rachel: “When did you officially cut it off? Define “about.” Rachel: “Get the BLEEP out.” #lawyered Lexie leaves in triumph, happy that she remembered to wear her lucky scrunchie.

She said it more than once: She didn’t sign up for this. Josiah convinces Rachel that he physically hurts when she is hurting. Eric talks about love languages and is euphoric to learn that one of Rachel’s is physical touch.

I think she’s more angry that the producers made her go through a calculated event that makes her look stupid, portrays De Mario as a jack wagon, and paints Lexie as Mayor of Crazyville. The cocktail party has a bit of a rain cloud over it, thanks to De Mario’s tryst with Lexie. I want him to go to Paradise so he can wear his man bun freely and fall in love with Mother Russia.

Ashton taps into his former modeling career experiences and stares him down through squinted eyes with the focus of a thousand Kate Mosses. I’m sad I don’t have a pair of Lucas’ fabulous turquoise socks.

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