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An updated version of this guide, including step-by-step instructions, translations and annotations of all required materials, and sample forms is now available for purchase in your choice of ebook formats. Sawa and I were living together in Bangkok, Thailand when we decided to move back to Japan so we had to rely heavily on my parents-in-law in Japan for assistance.

You will need someone in Japan to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (Co E) on your behalf- whether that be family or an attorney.

Korea), then a copy of the family register showing the marriage may be submitted instead.

This chart is meant to show that, while the English site’s general descriptions give the false impression that a wide range of documents might be acceptable, they are in fact looking for very specific proofs- proofs that would not be immediately obvious to anyone who hasn’t done this before.

The Co E takes anywhere from 1-3 months to acquire.

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), so that you have the same legal name throughout your paperwork.

Download this checklist Photos (4cm×3cm) 1 copy *The photos must be clear enough without background, must be taken within 6 months before the application procedure and cover upper body with uncovered head.*Write applicant’s name on the reverse of the photo and paste it to the appropriate place on the application.

Japanese spouse’s Koseki Tohon 1 copy*If the marriage is not recorded in the Koseki Tohon, then a Certificate of Acceptance of Application for Marriage must additionally be submitted.*Documents must be issued within three months of the application.

I screwed this up and it has caused me no end of trouble.

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Attention to detail and accuracy are absolutely critical in Japan, whether you’re applying for a Co E, college admission, or a job at Seven Eleven, so be extremely careful! Draw a double line through the mistake and write the correction above it.If you have been told at any point (over the phone, etc.), or remotely suspect, that a particular document is necessary, turn it in, regardless of the desk worker’s protests.