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21-Aug-2017 08:04

We can’t see whether we are at the equilibrium point in real time.We have to wait and see and compare where we are now to where we were in the past Given the deep partisan divide in this country I expected to find differences between liberals and conservatives on dating preferences. They both want dates like themselves by and large.” Given the tendency for our population to become more polarized, we may be in for rough times ahead. And there’s no point stereotyping liberals as nonshowering, socks-with-sandals, wussy granola types.That’s as lame as stereotyping conservatives as gun-obsessed, uncreative, heartless jerks who enjoy tossing orphans into the streets.When liberals date liberals and conservatives date conservatives, the children that result are not only culturally primed through learning and modeling to have the same political beliefs as their parents, but some research indicates that genetic factors are also involved.Over time, as “like seeks like…occurs over each successive generation, it will cause a widening of the variance in the assorted trait and more individuals at the extremes in the population.Conservatives were also more likely to date someone of their own race.The end result was that liberals ended up dating liberals; conservatives ended up dating conservatives.

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Naomi Riley, author of ‘Til Faith Do Us Part: How Interfaith Marriage Is Transforming America, reports that “Inter-political party marriages are far less common than interfaith marriages and slightly more common than interracial ones: Only 18% of married Americans have a spouse who claims a different political affiliation, compared with at least a third of Americans who are in interfaith marriages.” Thus it’s possible but improbable that I’ll seriously date a liberal. He needn’t work in politics, and preferably he doesn’t.There are couples who work on opposite sides of the political aisle, and it’s beautiful for them.There aren’t as many conservative women with liberal men, a natural outgrowth of party affiliation by gender (women tend to identify as donkeys and men as elephants), but one example is James Carville and Mary Matalin.But it doesn’t mean I want that cognitive processing around me 24/7 in the most intimate of unions. Romance is a union of body, mind and soul, and when we’re out of sync on politics, it’s a huge mental obstacle.

Social scientist Robert Putnam of Harvard University — certainly no Dr.If you thought the last few election were full of vitriol, get ready: The next ones may be even worse.