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05-Nov-2017 07:50

Mind you, some of these messages include phrases (or words) that most men wouldn’t feel comfortable saying out loud in public, even at the loudest bar in New York.

But, disguised via app, they feel comfortable letting their freak flag fly, especially when it’s a message that has had some success in the past.

She felt more comfortable using Tinder because it let her select an age range. resident, tried using Ok Cupid when she lived in Savannah.

On Ok Cupid, anything goes—which means that even if you have a preferred age, people will surely ignore it. There, she received messages that were long and obviously copy and pasted.

I would take you dancing, where you would be swooned by how cute it is that I am totally oblivious to my horrible dancing.

A man and his friend are beating up on a helpless woman who they attempted to roofie.

Here’s an excerpt: “A broken heart I have, to carry with me where I go.

I try to hide it from the world, so they may not know …I wish I could say I love you, or that I care, alas I must whisper it to the still silent air.” Other copy and pasted messages she received were even more dramatic, but still senseless.

I also write poetry from time to time.” Joel included a recent poem.

One divorced woman tried Match but ended up switching to Tinder after receiving a long message copy and pasted from someone old enough to be her father.

Still, that didn’t deter her, and she ended up using Tinder, where she met her current boyfriend, after swiping for only two weeks.

Of course, a copy and pasted message saying, “How was your weekend?

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” is far different from a long, involved poem that goes into X-rated territory.When most women receive a message like that, it’s obvious that the creator isn’t exactly crafting separate messages for all of his potential dates.